Asset Receivership Group (ARG), LLC specializes in providing receivership services to lenders with assets in either the foreclosure or bankruptcy process. We are a full service asset management firm that specializes in securing, assessing, stabilizing, and maximizing value of our client’s assets in a cost effective manner. We have specific expertise in evaluating, managing, and the disposition of multi/single-family residential, office, retail, hospitality, and marina classes of real estate. ARG is an endeavor by Mr. Robert Melsom, President of The Melsom Group, LLC, ( a full service real estate and construction management consulting firm, and Mr. Jeff Boyle, principal of Entreken Associates, Inc. (, a full service real estate appraisal firm. The combined real estate experience and talents of ARG provide a reliable approach to Receivership Services.

We are committed to providing quality efficient service by offering our customers the best possible solutions to satisfy their needs at competitive rates. We look forward to meeting with you and your team in the near future to discuss how we can benefit your needs.

Mission Statement:

To Secure, Assess, Stabilize, Maximize and Effectuate disposition of client's assets.